The Pub Scouts



The Pub Scouts are a traditional Irish music group located in Chico, California USA. We have hosted a session at Duffy's Tavern (4th and Main) in Chico every Friday for over 23 years and also do a house session every Tuesday...We love the tunes!

We have a wide variety of musical instruments involved in the group including fiddles,C#/D and B/C accordions, Irish pipes, guitar, flutes, whistles, tenor banjo, bass guitar, mandolin and bodhran.

We play all sorts of GIGS...weddings, wakes, concerts, festivals,

private parties, contra dances, clubs, bars, and of course...PUBS!

We also do special performances with stepdancers from the  OLIVER ACADEMY OF IRISH DANCE, located in Chico, Calif. USA.

We have launched two CD's, "Where Else Would You Be" and

"The Backhouse Sessions," both of which have been well-received

and are available for purchase on this site or at our performances.

We have also collected tunes over the years from a wide variety of sources, transcriptions, sessions and from the many fantastic players with whom we have had the honor to share a tune. We have

placed these collections in the form of Pub Scout Tunebooks,

Volumes 1, 2 3,4, and 5 each with over 500 tunes...and they are also

available for purchase on this site!


“Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.”



                    CHICO, CALIFORNIA